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If you have ever been accepted or rejected for publication someplace other than your site, or you'd like to give that sort of thing a try, this irreverent but essential podcast is for you.


Welcome to the Managing Editor Show. Every Tuesday morning we jump into your earbuds to talk the down and dirty on all things writing, editing, and content from the perspective of the guardians of the publishing galaxy—the folks who approve your submissions and make your words not suck. Here's your host...



EP006: How to Work with Editors Without Losing Yourself

We now officially need two hands to count our episode total! This week, Elisa & Jess officially break the news to you that neither you nor anybody else who submits publications are the world's best writers ever; were that true, editing would not be a profession, therefore this podcast would not exist, you wouldn't be reading this, and likely we would tear a hole in the space-time continuum...makes you think, doesn't it?....Where was I? Anyways, not having a think skin, knowing how and when to push back on a managing editor's suggestions, and having some basic common sense are on the menu today.
  • "Sentimental Waltz, Op. 51:6" - Sergei Oskolkov
  • "Come Clean" - Jeru the Demaja
Elisa Doucette