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If you have ever been accepted or rejected for publication someplace other than your site, or you'd like to give that sort of thing a try, this irreverent but essential podcast is for you.


Welcome to the Managing Editor Show. Every Tuesday morning we jump into your earbuds to talk the down and dirty on all things writing, editing, and content from the perspective of the guardians of the publishing galaxy—the folks who approve your submissions and make your words not suck. Here's your host...



EP023: Is Content Intelligence As Pretentious As It Sounds?

Brandon Andersen

Who the hell does this Brandon guy think he is? Coming up into MY show and trying to tell ME what to do with his fancy schmancy “content intelligence”?!?

Wait, I can do what with it?

Cut out all those terrible hours spent combing through historical posts and analyzing the engagement data? Take the guesswork out of content creation by knowing what’s hot and what’s not for my audience?? Create a powerful content strategy that saves me hours upon hours of trial-and-error curation and nails it every time???

Well why the hell didn’t you say that in the beginning!?!



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