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If you have ever been accepted or rejected for publication someplace other than your site, or you'd like to give that sort of thing a try, this irreverent but essential podcast is for you.


Welcome to the Managing Editor Show. Every Tuesday morning we jump into your earbuds to talk the down and dirty on all things writing, editing, and content from the perspective of the guardians of the publishing galaxy—the folks who approve your submissions and make your words not suck. Here's your host...



EP020: Does Content Marketing Actually Suck?

Have you ever been rolling along, doing the same ol’ thing you’ve been doing for a hot minute, and then suddenly have the following realization?:

“Holy shit. This final product seriously blows. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?”

No? Okay, well, if you are a content marketer, maybe it’s time to pull up a chair and have a think because it’s entirely possible your content marketing plan sucks and it’s time to revisit this whole shebang. Content marketing has been trundling along on autopilot for far too long and it’s high time we all have a frank discussion and a possible “come to Jesus” on what, how, and why we are marketing in this way. 

PLUS! A very important announcement about the future of The Managing Editor show... tune in!



  • Grieg - Suite for string orchestra Op.40 'Holberg Suite' - 5 Rigaudon (Allegro con brio)
  • Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
Jess Ostroff